Pictures of me at 19 weeks IU / Photos de moi a 19 weeks in-utero

2009 March 13
by Celine

This was done on Oct 10, 2008. This time, daddy was present. In 5 weeks, I had already grown up quite a bit so they could not have a full view of my growing body… Anyway, everything was normal and my parents were really proud of me! I remember my mom coming back home a bit upset though because 1. the technician was talking too much (about his vacation in France – and she did not care. All she wanted to see was to watch the screen). 2. the same guy did not tell them the gender, even if he knew, pretexting the pictures needed to be analysed by a doctor first and that the rule is to announce to the parents their baby’s gender from the 20th week.

Celles-ci ont ete prises le 10/10/2008. Cette fois-la, papa etait present. Mais en 5 semaines seulement, j’avais pas mal grossi donc ils n’ont pas pu me voir en entier. Le principal est que tout etait normal, ce qui a rendu mes parents tres fiers de moi ! Cependant, je me rappelle que ma mere etait un peu vexee d’une part, parce que le technicien parlait de trop a son gout (de ses vacances en France, ce dont elle se fichait completement. Tout ce qu’elle voulait, c’etait regarder l’ecran) et d’autre part, parce que ce meme technicien avait refuse de leur devoiler mon sexe sous pretexte que les images devaient etre d’abord interpretees par un medecin et que la regle est de ne pas communiquer le sexe de leur bebe aux parents avant le 20eme semaine.

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