7 months old! / 7 mois !

2009 November 8
by Celine

(late entry)

The highlight of Juliette’s 6 month was, of course, the trip to France. The journeys with her seemed even longer (door-to-door, about 24h) as she did not sleep a lot. Surprisingly, she did well with the jet-lag: in France, she was adjusted on the first day and it took maybe 3 days on the return. She met her great grandma, uncles, cousin, great cousins, great uncles and great aunts, etc… for the first time. Of course, she had been spoiled and had received lots of attention from everyone and had lots of fun visiting new places and new people. She made friends with the dog, Tofino and the cat, althought I am quite sure they prefer her, the hair-puller, to be away. She also got to experience the French good food: bread crust, artichoke, apple and coings, different kinds of plums, etc… we’ll wait a bit for the cheese and the wine! She got her 1rst haircut by Uncle Henry. Two new teeth cut through (the front upper ones), in Noirmoutier to be exact which means that Mom and Dad did not get a lot of sleep there ;). She can sit up very well, does not fall backwards anymore or very rarely. Instead, she has learned how to balance her body forward and she is since trying to go on her 4… getting prepared for crawling. She still loves to bounce, boing, boing, boing. And as she can not crawl yet, she just rolls over and over and over to reach what she wants to grab or where she wants to go. Towards the end of the trip, she was able to wave her hands when she heard the puppets’ song (sing and play).

We left France on Oct 15, right in time to spend her 7 month-day with Daddy in Vancouver on the 16th!

(entree differee)

L’evenement du 6eme mois de Juliette etait, bien sur, le voyage en France. Les voyages, avec elle, ont semble encore plus long (24 environ de porte-a-porte) puisqu’elle n’a dormi que tres peu. Etonnamment, elle s’est bien fait au decalage horaire. Elle a rencontre son arriere-grand-mere, ses oncles, son cousin, ses petits-cousins, ses grds oncles et tantes, etc… et bien entendu a recu beaucoup d’attention et a ete gatee. Elle s’est fait 2 amis, Tofino et le chat quoique je suis sure qu’ils sont bien contents de s’etre debarrasses de la tireuse de poils ! Elle a aussi goute a la bonne bouffe francaise : des croutes de pain, artichauds, pommes et coings, toutes sortes de prunes… on va encore attendre pour le fromage et le vin ! Elle a eu sa 1ere coupe de cheveux par Henry. Deux nouvelles dents sont apparues (celles du haut), a Noirmoutier pour etre exact, ce qui signifie une nuit blanche pour nous :). Elle se tient maintenant assise tres bien et ne tombe plus ou tres rarement a la renverse. A la place, elle a appris a balancer son corps en avant et essaie de se mettre a 4 pattes… en train de se preparer pour le 4 pattes ! Elles adore toujours autant de sauter quand on la tient sous les bras, boing, boing, boing. Et elle ne peut peut-etre pas marcher a 4 pattes, mais elle arrive a attraper ce qu’elle veut ou aller ou elle veut tout simplement en se roulant. Juste avant de partir, elle etait capable de faire les marionnettes (ainsi font font font…).

Et nous sommes reparties le 15 octobre, tout juste a temps pour feter son 7eme mesiversaire avec papa a Vancouver le 16 !

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