The piggy bank game / Le jeu de la tirelire

2011 January 12
by Celine

OK, let me explain… this is not about teaching my daughter to save money (!) but to make her use her fine motor skills. I introduced this activity about a month ago and the first time, that’s all she did for a whole hour: inserting coins or caps/ emptying the piggy bank or the cup herself and starting all over again and again! Now, she still loves it but it does not attract her attention as long.

Bon, laissez-moi vous expliquer… le but n’est pas de lui expliquer comment economiser (!) mais de faire travailler sa motricite fine. On a commence cette activite il y a un mois, et la premiere fois, elle a ete occupee une heure complete a inserer des pieces/bouchons, vider la tirelire/pot, et ainsi de suite ! Elle aime toujours faire cette activite mais ca n’occupe plus son attention aussi longtemps…

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