Sorting into sets / Classer par genres

2011 April 24
by Celine

This activity that requires sorting objects into matching sets is very easy to organize. This idea comes from Teach me to do it myself, by Maja Pitamic.

Cette activite qui consiste a trier par genres d’objets est tres facile a mettre en place.

I chose clothespins, taps, beads, shells and chocolate eggs. J’ai choisi des pinces a linge, des bouchons, des perles, des coquillages et des oeufs en chocolat.

This game was too easy for her and all she was interested in was to eat the chocolate eggs at the end!! Ce jeu etait trop facile pour elle et tout ce qui l’interessait etait de manger le chocolat a la fin !!

This one is mine! / Celui-ci est pour moi !

Happy Easter! / Joyeuses Paques !

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