2013 September 16
by Celine

This summer, I bought a  Kidsworld membership and we had a lot of fun exploring our city. I already bought it again for next year.

What is it? You buy one membership per child (was 45$ in 2013), there are no family membership so 2 kids = 2 cards. Then, they send you a program starting in July and finishing in September: everyday, there is an activity offered. 3 of them required registration but otherwise, you just show up with your membership card and then, the child and one adult (can be the parent, the nanny, the grand-parent, etc) have free access. Many activities are already free of charge but this card is paid for by simply going to Playland in September. And is really worth buying to explore all the UBC museums, I think. Pretty cool, eh? The only drawback that can deter some families to register: this program is strictly aimed at kids aged 4 to 15 years old and you can’t bring younger siblings along.

Here what we did this summer with Kidsworld: cruise on the Vancouver harbor, museum of Anthropology, UBC botanical gardens, the Beaty museum, London heritage farm, Vancouver academy of music, Playland and Southlands country fair. My favorite were the cruise and Vancouver academy of music. Juliette’s favorites were probably the fairs and Playland.


IMG_5085Harbour cruise

IMG_5133Museum of Anthropology

IMG_5431UBC botanical gardens


DSC_6652@ Southlands country fair


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