Baby Bean Arrives with a Flourish!

2014 September 25
by Celine

Okay, it’s Allan today.

Our long-awaited second child nick-named Bean finally arrived yesterday evening at 6:24 pm. After being overdue for 4 days, she suddenly decided it was time to come out, and she did so in a great hurry.

With her contractions accelerating in pace and strength, Celine couldn’t get into the car and stood holding on to it in the street with me talking to a fellow on the phone at 911. Then her waters broke. I enlisted the help of a passing family to help me get Celine off the street and back to the house – at one point it looked like Celine was going to deliver on the front lawn!

With great difficulty we finally go in the house, and with a bit more effort we got her to lie down on the couch. At that point I had to strip off her pants and saw the baby’s head crowning!

Instructed by the fellow on the phone, I pushed against Bean’s head to prevent her from coming out too fast. When he started telling me how I was going to have to control the head and shoulders coming out, I felt rising panic as I realized I might end up delivering Bean myself.

At that moment the cavalry arrived – two Paramedics, followed shortly afterwards by some firemen and our midwife. They took over, and 2 or 3 minutes later Baby Bean was brought into the world. At one point we were surrounded by a cast of thousands – 8 firemen, 4 paramedics, the midwife and the family of 3 I’d enlisted to get Celine back inside.

A bit of chaos later and Celine, Bean and the midwife were whisked off to Children and Women’s Hospital with me following in the car. A short night’s stay later, we’re now happy to be back in our own home safe and sound.

Now I need beer. Many beer.


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