This is the blog of Celine and Allan and Juliette… along with her extremely-soon-to-arrive baby sister Bean.

Bean is due to arrive on September 20, 2014. But seeing as it’s now 9 pm on September 20, that’s not likely. Just like her older sister, Bean has decided to take her time and arrive whenever she feels like it. But if she doesn’t show soon, she will be given some encouragement by the doctors!

Big Sister Juliette can hardly wait to meet her new sister and teach her all about the world!

Voici le blog de Celine et Allan et notre derniere creation “Peach”.

Peach est supposee naitre aux environs du 6 mars 2009. Mais nous savons bien que les bebes, ca ne se commande pas comme ca et que Peach viendra quand elle le souhaitera.

Nous sommes a sa merci ! Toutefois, pas avant le 3 mars Peach, OK, nous avons plein de choses a faire avant ton arrivee !!

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